Hello Photo

Thierry, amateur photographer, living in France. Welcome to my photo gallery.

My principal source of inspiration is the landscape, either country or urban. In countryside, through landscapes at first sight common and without interest, I look for fragments, like a road, a construction, an electric pole, which break up monotony and give relief.

I visit seashores especially out of season. It is a good time to enjoy the softness of light, the quietness of beaches without tourists and the charm of sleeping houses.

Also among the subjects I like to photograph, the architecture of modern districts and the graphics of the towers. And as any street photography lover, I search the snapshot : an attitude, an expression, a look.

My photographic trips are often centered around theses themes. So new pictures usually complete the XL SERIES (come back to see them).

XS SERIES are short series of a few photographs, each united in a same spot around a color, a detail, a point of view...

The collection SINGLES presents specific images, without links between them. They come from casual and lucky encounters.

Enjoy your visit.